Sunday, April 29, 2012


Now that I have your attention.

This palo verde has dropped its sesame seed sized leaves and put on this sulfurous mantle.

If you are in the Sonoran desert now and not in a coma, yellow is an inescapable fact of life, and who'd want to escape this?!  As I sat down to make this post I had to laugh.  I checked my email first and had a message from a friend and fellow docent (whom I greatly admire) at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum announcing a new post on her wonderful desert blog In the Sonoran Sun.  Her blog post topic?  The Yellow Moment.  Carole couldn't be more right.  This is a moment we anticipate annually, but I somehow always forget just how YELLOW it is.  It is a bittersweet time; most of the yellow blossoms will soon disappear under the searing platinum sun of summer in the Sonoran desert.

Here are some images I took this morning on a walk around our garden.

A Gila Woodpecker breakfasting on the hummingbird nectar
Golden Columbines in the barrio garden
Desert marigold tangled in a barrel cactus
An eruption of Mexican sunflowers
The scent from this chocolate flower can induce a relapse in a chocoholic
The fruit from last year's barrel cactus flowers
Prickly pear bloom, lemon yellow on the aqua and lavender pads
Variegated agave...what big, and purple, teeth you have!
Palo brea blossoms

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  1. Great minds . . . ! Love your 'yellow' shots. There are SO many to see and photograph, and they're all so beautiful!